Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Home Learning 1.4.20

Reception Class 1.4.20

To the Parents and children of Reception Class.

Good Morning all,

This year I am going to miss doing my April Fool Prank! Perhaps you can think of one to do at home!

 There are so many online resources and companies allowing free subscription etc. I did notice Amazon are offering stories that will help them continue dreaming, learning and just being children. https://stories.audible.com/start-listenhttps://stories.audible.com/start-listen


Literacy- all Groups

We are going to recap the sounds you have learnt so far with a lotto game. I've explained it in more detail on last Wednesday's blog. All groups- Recap the sounds that you have learnt. Hopefully you have been able to make some flash cards with the words on. You could also make it into a bingo game to play with the family. Obviously, you can sound out the letters like Fred and pretend you are not sure of the word. You could also throw a few HFW (high frequency words) into the mix-I, like, my,  you etc. Or you could make 1 sound a lotto board and another a HFW board, as these are the words children always find tricky.

These are the HFW

I  go  come  went  a  was  look  there  are  we  and  me  like  going  she  they  my  see  on  away  this  play  no  yes  for  can  he  am  all  you  said  to  day  there


Keep up with the tuck shop if you can. If they pay for each snack, drink and food using coins everyday, it will help them so much when using money. It's a concept all children find tricky. But when you have completed a few weeks of this, you can then add together a drink and snack.


Creating Patterns

Ideally this can be done using natural objects that you might collect from a walk. For eg. stones, twigs, feathers or objects in the house, shells, pasta shells, beads etc. Demonstrate a simple pattern for e.g. 1 twig, 1 shell, 1 feather. What comes next to repeat the same pattern? You can also do this with toys. For eg. Red car, blue car, green car. What comes next? Perhaps you can draw pictures in you book to show the pattern.

All Children- Create a simple pattern of 4 different objects. Keep repeating.

Most Children- Create a pattern with 4 objects, but a little more challenge. For eg. 2 feathers, 1 twig, 2 shells. 2 feathers, 1 twig, 2 shells etc.

Challenge- Create their own repeating pattern having already completed the above activities.

Mindfulness- First thing in the morning if you can. PLEASE!!!

Mountain Rising

Stand straight with your feet apart, arms by your sides. Feel the bottoms of your feet planted on the floor. Keep your eyes open.

Imagine you are a mountain rising up from the ocean. Your head is the top of the mountain.

Raise your arms, fingers apart. This lifts your mountain higher. Hold this position for a moment, solid as a mountain.

Notice if you have any thoughts or worries. See them as tiny waves splashing the mountain.

Breathe in and breathe out to blow the waves far out to sea. Watch the water become calm and still around you.

Lower your arms, take a mindful breath and relax. You can stay strong as a mountain all day. 


Create a flower in the style of Georgia O' Keeffe

Visit www.hwb.gov.wales/

Login using Hwb username and password. This was either glued inside your child's reading diary or was given to you with your yellow exercise book. (I know it was a bit hectic on the last week).

When you get on the Learning and teaching for Wales page, look for the Just2easy image box and select. If this doesn't work visit www.j2e.com. Select Hwb, and login using Hwb username and password. Then you should see an orange image box on the right called jit5, select. Then select paint to create your picture. If you have a printer, you could display or send to a grandparent, or just play around with it. On this site there are several educational apps you could explore.


Recap these language patterns-

Ble rwyt ti'n byw?   Where do you live?

Answer- Dw i'n bwy yn……….  I live in…….


My email address is- MilesD8@hwbmail.net if you need to contact me.

Thank you and keep yourselves safe.

Mrs Miles

 "Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are."

 Mason Cooley



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