Monday, 23 March 2020

Year 2 24 March 2020

Hope you all survived day 1. Remember, please don't worry if you don't complete all tasks each day, do what works for your family and child. Just to clarify, your child should choose which level challenge is most suited to them, as some activities may mean they can access gold, whereas other activities may mean silver or bronze is more comfortable for them. If you have any queries or your child is unsure which level to have a go at please contact me, however there is no right or wrong 🙂
Also for Y2, I will post all work here on the blog including any links needed. HWB is mostly if they want to complete work electronically at this stage, however I will let you know if it its vital for accessing any work set. 
Please don't worry if your child has started an activity but not quite finished. You can carry it over to a different day, so it may mean that you don't complete all activities set but have a smaller amount of better quality/ finished work. 

Joe Wickes- The Bodycoach is doing 30 minute daily sessions at 9am Mon-Fri which provide PE style/ fitness workouts you can do from your own home. These are on YouTube- the body coach tv and subscribe. 

Below is a lego challenge you may like to look at and complete as and when, if you have lego at home. 

To represent a chapter through illustration 
Choose your favourite book and look at the front and back cover and any illustrations inside it. Why are the illustrations important? Why do they help the reader? Do they help to understand the story better or allow you to picture what is happening in your head? Does the character look how you imagined? Read the book or if it is a long book you may just choose your favourite chapter or part. You are going to turn your favourite part/ chapter into an illustration- imagining what it looks like in your own mind. Imagine you have been asked to be the new illustrator for your book. 
Bronze- draw a simple illustration for your favourite page
Silver- draw an illustration for your favourite chapter/ section- you can use the illustrations to help you imagine what characters look like if you wish
Gold- draw an illustration for you favourite chapter/ section- this may include various parts of that chapter. Try to use your own imagination for the characters and how they may look- how you would like them to look. 

To collect data 
What is data? Explain it is information collected about people or things e.g. favourite colour/ favourite food. What is a tally chart? (the children should know this as they use if for house points- they maybe more confident with the word 'gates') We can only have 5 lines in our gate for our tally. Tell them frequency is the same as total- so counting up their tally- this also can link into the 5xtable- counting in 5's. Children are going to collect data and represent their work in a tally (ready to create a pictogram tomorrow) It is good practice for them to draw the table with a ruler and pencil themselves. You may wish to do one together first to show them. You may also want to let them ask you several times so they get a wider range of responses/ more than 1 of the same answer etc (I appreciate families may not be that big!) They can choose the options to give you- .e.g they can give you a list of colours to choose from, or they can write down whatever answers they get. 
Bronze- ask your family members/friends their favourite colour 
Silver- ask your family members/friends their favourite colour. Also complete one asking their favourite pet. Include 'frequency' or 'total' in your table. 
Gold- ask your family members/friends their favourite colour. A separate one for their favourite pets. A separate one for their favourite food. Include ' frequency' in your tables. 
Create a table for your data and present it as a tally- like the example below. 

To create a habitat diorama
This art and craft activity will be the topic work set for the next 2 days (Tuesday and Wednesday). If it takes you longer then that is no problem but I feel it is something you may wish to complete over a couple of days. 
A diorama is a 3D representation/ scene of something. Choose an animal habitat and create a diorama for it. Shoe boxes or any form of box is handy for this. You can also use whatever materials you like- whatever you have ease of access to!  I look forward to seeing these so please email me any photos of finished ones 🙂
Here are some photos which may help you. 

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