Sunday, 29 March 2020

Year 1-Monday 30th March

From feedback from parents it has become apparent that due to other pressures it is very challenging to access all the learning that is being put online. First of all your well being and the wellbeing of your child comes first. Please do not stress. We as teachers need to set a minimum amount of work but as parents you know your situation and child best so do not feel that you should be completing all the activities, all of the time.


To simplify to a certain extent I will not set daily activities on a Monday, rather see Monday as you introducing the weekly activities to your child, who should then be able to complete them independently the rest of the week, with support from siblings if available.

Weekly Activities


English-Spellings/Speed sound lessons

Please carry on with the spelling activities.

To reinforce the spelling activities it would be useful to alternate the spelling activities with RWI sound lessons that are available on Facebook or YouTube. This link provides more information. Most learners in year 1 are starting to access set 3. A few learners are on Set 2.

Bronze-Set 1

Silver-Set 2

Gold-set 3


Guided reading-RWI levels


To access guided reading books suitable for your children at home  please use this link. (Year 1 learners are either in green group, pink group, yellow group or blue group. Your child should be aware which group they are in but any queries please message me.)


Bronze-green level

Silver-Yellow level

Gold-Blue level


Maths-Recognition of 2 digit numbers

This weeks maths warm ups are recognition and formation of 2 digit numbers. Can learners identify which number is being said or is written down and can they form the number correctly?


Use this game to help Go on find a number and use direct numbers a female voice will ask the learners to click a certain number.


Bronze-Teen numbers (10-19)

Silver-2 digit numbers up to 100

Gold-Use In between for a additional challenge-may need a number square to help them. 


Alternatively you  could play a board game like snakes and ladders with an additional rule that you have to shout out the number that you land on.



Using to look at family members in welsh.

Bronze-Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister

Silver-As above and Nan/Granddad

Gold-As above plus Uncle/Auntie and cousins.