Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Year 2 Wednesday 1 April

Thank you for sending over any work- I am so impressed with what you have been doing! :) Don't forget to make the most of the dry weather by getting outdoors, exercising, taking time to relax or even reading a book in the garden. 

To describe a character/ setting
Use the link to access the story, 'The way back home.' https://www.literacyshed.com/thewaybackhome.html
There is a description/ blurb underneath about the story but don't read this to the children. Let them watch it several times so that they begin to see what is happening and may even put their own ideas/ story line to it. Ask them questions after each watch. Do their ideas or thoughts change? Are their thoughts similar to the blurb? Share the blurb at the end if need be- to steer in right direction of storyline. After several watches, explain they will be describing the alien/ place they land so they need to think really carefully about those parts in particular. I want the children to write a description of the alien they came across and/or the strange place that they landed. They should draw a picture of their alien and/or setting so that it matches their description. 

Bronze- draw and describe the alien you came across. Use adjectives to describe. 
Silver- draw and describe the alien you came across and the place you landed. Use adjectives and similes to describe. 
Gold- draw and describe the alien you came across and the place you landed. Use adjectives, similes and alliteration to describe. 

To revise the expanded method 
We have used the expanded method before for Maths but will now recap this method with larger numbers and also numbers that bridge 10. Questions are set on the Year 2 shared folder on HWB, a mixture of addition and subtraction.

e.g. 27+31
Tens first- 20 + 30 = 50
Units next- 7 + 1 = 8
add the answers together 50 + 8 = 58

Tens first 30 + 50 = 80
Units next 6 + 9= 15
Then add the tens answers together- 80 + 10= 90
then add units answer- 0 + 5= 5
add total answers together 90 + 5= 95

(Your child may be confident enough to add the answers without having to partition them again as in the example. This is fine. Whatever they are confident and knowledgable with.) 

hundreds first- 100 + 200= 300
tens next 40 + 30= 70
units next 3 + 6 = 9
add answers  300+ 70+ 9= 379

Subtraction involves the same method as above but - instead of +. You still need to add the answer together to get your final answer. ( Subtraction sums will not bridge 10 in this activity) 

Bronze- set 1 task
Silver- set 2 task
Gold- set 3 task

Don't forget you can have a go at any of the challenges, you may start off easier until you are confident then work your way up as they get more challenging. You are also welcome to complete more than 1 challenge too. 

To design and make a rocket 
Linked to the Literacy story above, your topic work is to design and make a rocket for you to travel in. Think about that your rocket will look like- you may like to make it as creative a possible. It does not have to look like a standard rocket if you don't want it to. Think about what materials you can use- anything recyclable would be handy! I look forward to seeing your rockets! You may want to do a rough design on paper to help you first so you know what materials you need and how you will construct it.  There are no specific challenges for this activity- your creativity can lead the way!

I look forward to seeing your work
Mrs. Hassall