Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Year 3 Distance Learning Week 2 Day 3

Wednesday, April 1st 2020

Good Morning. I have posted this work on Google Classroom as well. Please feel free to try. I am hoping it works for you. Please let me know if there are issues and I'll try my best to help.

Just a reminder how to carry out the work:

Bronze – all complete

Silver – additional challenge

Gold – high challenge

Literacy: HF words for this week. Please carry out Blue Vowels activity whereby you write out the word but each vowel must be in blue –

want, wanted, water, where, which, white, who, why, wish and window

L.O: To write a short story including speech reading comprehension skills

We have already looked at using speech marks or inverted commas this week so use those skills that you have learnt to include in a short story about anything you'd like. Remember to punctuate like those examples below and a new speaker goes on a new line.

For example: "Hello," said the shopkeeper. Or:  The shopkeeper said, "Hello."

Hello?" the shopkeeper asked nervously,

"Hello!" shouted the annoyed shopkeeper.

Bronze Level – Write sentences including speech marks with a comma or question mark.

Silver Level – Write sentences including speech marks with a comma, exclamation mark or question mark.

Gold Level – Also try the speaker before the speech as well as after



Warm up: Practise your x4 & x8 tables. Remember if you can do your x4 then just double these answers for x8. Also log in to Hwb and then click on J2E and use the

 TT Blast which is an interactive game to help with times tables speed. You can access this daily to improve on score and speed.


L.O: To use the column method for subtraction to solve written problems

Watch the video again if you need to go back through


Bronze Level – with partitioning
There were 55 flowers in a field. Some children pulled out 32. How many flowers were left?

55 – 30 = 25

25 – 2 = 23

1. There are 33 children in a class. One day, 20 children turn up to school. How many children were away that day?

2. A teacher has 56 pencils. She gives 24 out during the day. How many does she have left?

3. Hannah had 87p. She bought a badge worth 55p. How much change did she get?

4. There were 76 flowers in a field. Some children pulled out 30. How many flowers were left?

5. Jack has 76 sweets. He eats 35 of them. How many sweets are left?

Silver Level – Without Partitioning

1. There are 87 children in a band. One day, 35 children turn up.. How many children were away that day?

2. There were 65 cups in a shop.  37 fell when a shelf broke.  How many cups were unbroken?


3.  Sue collected 212 tokens.  She swapped 109 of them for a giant teddy bear.  How many tokens did she have left?



4.  Bill's story was 161 words long. Ben's story was 95 words long.  How many more words did Bill write than Ben?



5.  There are 315 pages in my book.  I have read 127.   How many more pages do I need to read?

Gold Level – Without partitioning


  1. Harry had £257 in his bank account.  His mum let him spend £129 on a new bike.  How much was left in his account?


  1. Mr Green Spent £316 on a PS4 and games. He spent £139 on a new television.  Find the difference between the costs.


  1. Mrs Miles had to travel 342 miles to reach her destination but only managed 148 miles because she broke down. How much further does she need to travel?


  1. How much less is 256 than 534?


  1. Take 237 from 621.



Science: Continue with your PowerPoint about plants

Remember -

Bronze Level - This can include: the parts, what is needed to keep them alive

Silver Level - This can include: the parts, what is needed to keep them alive, types of plants and how some have adapted to their habitats.

Gold Level – Use transitions and animations to improve your PowerPoints.


Daily Welsh: To learn the days of the week

Continue practising the days of the week using the game on the link below:


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