Friday, 20 March 2020

Year 1 homework

First of all thank you for all the support that we have received from the community of parents it has been great. This will be a longer post then normal as I shall try to detail the arrangements that we agreed as a staff at the end of the post.


We have looked at ordering the months of the year, sorting these months into seasons and thinking about what sort of activities we do in those different seasons. We have also recapped Beth wyt ti'n wisgo? (What are we wearing) and looked at one more and 1 less in more detail.


For homework I would like the children to look into grouping various objects/items/numbers into 4. (Like the months of the year are grouped into 4 seasons.) You could do this in many different ways, you could look at having a tea party of 4 guests and all the food and drink needs to be shared (equally) into 4. This could be pretend food or real. I would suggest making the need for a group of 4 be obvious and have 4 plates and 4 cups set aside. The main purpose is they can share equally between 4, a gateway into quarters. As an extension learners could then record what numbers can be shared equally into 4 using a simple table.


Number of biscuits used.

Can it be shared?













First of all, we understand to some degree how frustrating and confusing this is for you and the staff at Trellech will try our best to support learners and parents through these trying times. To a large degree we are just as uncertain about the situation as you are and shall pass on information when it becomes available to us.


To this end here is what the provision that we shall set will look like. (We understand that each households situation will be different. Please do not stress about having to do all the activities all of the time. No child will be judged for not completing a particular task.)


Every day, Monday to Friday (starting on 23/03/20), 3 learning activity tasks will be set on the homework blog by 9am. This will be a literacy task, a numeracy task and a topic task. These tasks will have 3 levels of challenge. Bronze-we expect all learners to be able to achieve this task. Silver-We expect most learners to be able to complete this more challenging task if they want a challenge. Gold-an additional challenge task. We shall also set weekly welsh activities and spellings/maths warm ups. To help make these as accessible as possible these activities may have links to online games or resources that support this activity and make it easier to access.


I mentioned this previously but Hwb is a fantasic learning tool and while it is for the learner it is possible to download the software on to your own device. I mention this as it may be useful to those who are working from home to have access to the latest Microsoft software.


My email is provided to you ( and if you have any questions I shall be looking at my emails at various points in the day during normal working hours, starting on Monday 23/03/20. (From 8.30-16.00) Please understand that at times I may have other responsibilities so I may not be able to respond straight away. (There is talk of redeploying teachers into other public service areas, as the need arises.)


It is somewhat paradoxical that for the good of our community we need to take up these social distancing practices. We wish you all the best during these troubled times.


Kind regards,


The year 1 team.


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