Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Year 2 Wednesday 25th March 2020

To plan ideas for a story 
To write from the point of view of an animal

This will be your Literacy for Wednesday and Thursday as it is a good idea to plan your ideas first. 
Your task for today and tomorrow is to plan and complete your Big Write that was set but we didn't do. Choose an endangered animal of your choice- one you know quite a lot about and are interested in. I want you to write as if you are describing and telling your story. You need to include what your habitat is like and who you live with. What you do when you aren't hunting. How you hunt and who you hunt with, who your threats are and how you feel about it. What do your family do to try to reassure you, how you feel about the future etc. Remember to use description and include feelings and you can use the example I sent home to help you. You can give yourself a name and pretend you're of a certain age- in my example I pretended I wasn't old enough to hunt alone yet so I was being shown how to hunt effectively. try to vary your sentences rather than starting with I all of the time, try using an adverb e.g. Quickly I pounced over the Rocky Mountain peak. 

You can plan this however you like- using ICT or paper, as a mind map, as a list- whatever works best for you. You might also want to use subheadings such as- where I live/ how do I hunt/ my threats/ feelings/ description to use etc. Again, when completing your story you can either hand write it or use the writing tool on HWB/ word- whatever you prefer. 

Bronze- describe where you live, who with and your threats including how you feel about these threats. Use adjectives for description. 
Silver- First person to describe where you live, who with, how you hunt, your threats and how you feel about these threats. Include adjectives and similes. 
Gold- First person to describe where you live, who with, what you do in your spare time, how you hunt and who with, your threats and how you feel about all of this. Also include your hopes for the future. Include adjectives and similes and alliteration. 

Yesterday you would have collected your data and created your tally table ready for your pictogram today. What do you think a pictogram is? It is where pictures used to represent a person. 
You can choose what picture you want to use. For example, if I chose a circle and had a frequency of 5 for blue- I would draw 5 circles. The picture below shows this clearly. Using a ruler and pencil or HWB under the data and pictogram section, create your table for your pictogram. Remember you need a key just like the examples below- showing how many people your picture represents. 

Bronze- 1 picture represents 1 person
Silver- 1 picture represents 1 person. Also have a go where 1 picture represents 2 people. (you will have created 2 tally charts from yesterday)
Gold- 1 picture represents 1 person, try 1 picture represents 2 people and also try where 1 picture represents 4 people. (you will have create 3 tally charts from yesterday)

The pictures above show how this is represented. Where 1 circle represents 2 children, it is cut in half to represent 1 person because 1 is half of 2. Use this to help you work out how to represent 1 picture is 4 people (gold challenge)

Your topic is carried over from yesterday to make a habitat diorama. I am looking forward to seeing these so please send any finished photos of them! 

In addition, it is also hoped that reading will continue- whether your own books or school books. Remember to talk about the story and what you think might happen next. Also infer characters feelings and actions- why did they say that or do that? 

Timestables practice is also something which should continue- little and often being most effective. Topmarks hit the button is a fun game for children to play or also TT blast on J2Blast on HWB. Topmarks also has lots of other fun maths games which the children enjoy playing. You may even decide to take it outdoors win this beautiful weather and use real life objects- e.g. 5 piles of 3 sticks- how many? etc. 

Don't forget Joe Wickes- The body coach daily PE sessions 9 am live on YouTube. 

Mrs. Hassall