Sunday, 29 March 2020

Year Six Welsh: Week Commencing 30th March 2020

Monday 30th March  

Tongue Twisters 

A little bit of fun today! Have a go at the tongue twisters linked to the books! 


Tuesday 31st March 

Hoff Gymeriad 

Recap previous language used to discuss the book e.g.  

Beth ydy'r teitl Pwy ydy'r awdurBle mae'r storiPwy syyn y stori? / Pwy ydy'r cymeriadauPwy wyt ti'n hoffi yn y storiWyt ti'n hoffi'r stori? Pam? Sawl seren? 
Discuss possible responses to the question: 
Pwy ydy dy hoff gymeriad? 
-using characters cards and discuss how to extend these responses possibly by describing the characters e.g. 
Fy hoff gymeriad ydy … Mae gwallt coch 'da fe. 
When I uploaded character cards, I couldn't see the pictures, just the if you can't please don't worry! 


Wednesday 1st April  


Daily Welsh Games 

I've added a couple of the games, you can try one of your choice (or more if you wish!) 
Games to reinforce questions and answers: 
Gêm y Dis: (differentiated) 
Memory Game: Have a look at the first slide, take one minute to read and memorise locations of 5 questions. 
One speech bubble disappears on subsequent slides – which question is missing? 
On second slide the answers are shown. 
Which question matches it to make a pair? Repeat. 
Flipper (differentiated) 


Thursday 2nd April 



Use plot sequencing task to put the story in order. 
This is a PPT, so hopefully it will open for you! If it doesn't please don't worry! Then all you have to do is move the slides in the presentation so they are in the correct order. Pob Luc! 


Friday 3rd April 


Drill the previously taught language ar y dechrauwedyn / ynayn y diwedd.   

Plot sorting task:  group / paired activity:   

Place text cards into sets under the headings: 

ar y dechrauynawedynynayn y diwedd 

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