Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Year 1 Wednesday

English Following a rhyming pattern.

Following on from yesterday I would like learners to look at starting to plan a sequel to Oi Frog where they come up with their own animal/noun pairs. To help them they can read through or access the Oi Frog book again.


To Help


  • To help the learners it will be useful to use a rhyming dictionary https://www.rhymer.com/.
  • I have created a class discussion on hwb classroom where learners can post up their own ideas and they can gain some ideas. I have already posted 1 idea but I need help, join me in the discussion to help!

Bronze: Create a starting list of 2 or 3 animals together first and use the hwb classroom discussion Oi Frog animal pairs for inspiration


Silver: 1 of the pairs needs to include spider monkey and 4 to 5 pairs.


Gold: Look back over their animal pairs. What do they notice about the end sounds?

(They should notice that rhyming words share the same ending sound, though they may have a different grapheme/spelling of that sound). Can they identify which RWI sounds are used? A example of this would be bear- and stair (air not fair) or underwear (


To help the learners it will be useful to use a rhyming dictionary https://www.rhymer.com/.


Math-exploring the number 12.


The number 12 is an important number this time of year. I would like the learners exploring the number 12 and finding all the shapes and patterns they can create with that number. This task is based on a Nrich activity. https://nrich.maths.org/13704. The video is a bit tedious so I would suggest going straight to the solutions tab and looking at how other children explored the task.


Before completing the given tasks I would like the chn to have complete freedom to explore the number 12 themselves and create their own patterns/videos or drawings.


Bronze: As well creating patterns using 12 objects can you use these objects to build the number 12?


Silver: Using 12 counters, stones, leaves or whatever else you wish try to create see what 2d shapes you can create? Ideas are Square, Rectangle, Triangle.


Gold: Can you create a square of 12 objects that is 3 stones by 3 stones? Explain your answer.


12 treasure hunt. Can they go on a hunt for anything that they find that is related to 12 and create a list? Examples could be a clock and months of the year


Topic-The last supper.


Another 12 that you could uncover is Jesus and his 12 disciples. Show the learners this clip from BBC Bitesize, https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/clips/zgsb9j6, that explores the last supper. (Please view the clip before hand to see if you think it is suitable for your child. They have covered the last supper in an assembly so they are aware of the themes but it does mention Jesus dying).


I would like them recreate the last supper scene using a medium of their choice. They could paint the last supper, draw or use Jit 5 paint. (If you use Jit 5 paint you can download pictures to act as a template.


Bronze: recreate the scene. I have uploaded 2 pictures of the last supper to support in HWB classroom in files.


Silver: Label Jesus, Judas and the bread and wine. Can they explain, verbally or via writing, the significance of each? (Jesus is believed to be the son of God, Judas betrayed Jesus for money ETC)


Gold: Label Jesus and the 12 disciples. For this the children will have to research the names of the 12 disciples, which they can do using Encyclopaedia Britannica  on HWB


All the best,


The year 1 team