Monday, 23 March 2020

Year 1 Tuesday 24.03.20

Update on year 1 hwb class.

For some reason when I accept requests to join they are not appearing in the members section and the request disappears. I have contacted Hwb and will update you when they get back to me. (I am in a que due to unprecedented demand)


Topic Lo: I know how to use a sundial.


This lesson will span over 2 days. Today we will be tracing shadow markings for four times on our sundial plate and writing the time above.


 lesson is based on an American online company that produces easy to follow lessons involving space. Please access their website for more details on the lesson, as well as how to make a paper sundial. We are looking at day 1.

We are looking at sundials as they are the first time keeping devices. Here is video that explains how sundials work simply


Bronze. Use the sundial data sheet to help you record. to complete four times. 8, 10, 12 and 2pm. (These are suggested times and are adjustable)


Silver: Make a prediction on your paper plate for where the shadow will be at 4pm, using a different coloured, thin line.


Gold: Justify your prediction. Why do you think the shadow will be there? (Have they measured the distance between the lines on the plate and worked out they are roughly 2cms apart, for example.)


English: Example of Formal letters


Bronze. Using the provided checklist ( go through the provided formal letter ( example or use your own formal letter and tick to see whether they contain the required features of a formal letter. (


Silver. As above and then focus on where each feature appears. (Eg does the business date appear at the top or the end.)


Gold. They create their own checklist that all formal letters should contain in their own words.


Maths: Finding quarters in shapes.


We have looked at quarters already for homework and informally by looking at how the months of the year are split into 4 parts. Today and tomorrow we shall look at what a quarter is and how to find them. Watch this video (please stop once they begin looking at other fractions, we are only interested in halves and quarters.



Bronze: They make their own coloured circle and label.


Silver: As above. Then have a go at creating lots of circles that you cut into 2 or 4 pieces. (some equal and some unequal). Children sort them into real halves, real quarters and fake halves and fake quarters. Emphasise that pieces must be equal to be a real half or quarter.


Gold. As above. Explore other shapes, rectangles, squares, triangles, pentagons, stars ETC. Which ones can you create quarters and halves out of?




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