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Year 4 w/c 23/3/20

Year 4 w/c 23.3.20

Welcome to our first remote learning blog! Please bear with us as we all try to overcome any technical glitches – I am sure we will figure them out together and triumph!  The blog will always be longer on a Monday as we are trying to give you the most information you will need, it will hopefully become shorter as the week goes on.


This week is all about angles.  There is a link to watch a BBC clip then choose from either bronze, silver or gold.  Bronze – you can drag the shapes to the correct box.  Silver and gold please fill in the table.  This is our first attempt at this so fingers crossed it all works correctly!  All the answers are there for the grown-ups only!


We would like you to spend approximately 15 minutes a day using TT blast on hwb to get your times tables super speedy – I will be checking out your scores!


There will be nothing on google classroom for numeracy on Friday as we would like you to log in to your Big Maths and complete your clic, learn its and safe just like you would in school.  Please do not do this early as it can only be completed once a week and Friday is our normal day to do this.

Along side google classroom work maybe set using Mymaths, Read Theory and Big Maths. (Please note that the password for mymaths ends in a k and not a h - sorry).  Pupils have log in details although can email me if unsure. They should also have exercise books which can be utilized for completing any work to share at a later date.



L.O Create a dragon Passport 


I'd like you to design your own dragon. Think about the landscape for your dragon across the world, including ideas such as a distant mountain, dwarf mines, waterfalls, magical pools, lonely tower.

Have a look on Youtube for Jackie Morris reading her book 'Tell me a dragon' to gather some ideas. (See link below)

Draw your dragon and label it with some descriptions, e.g razor sharp talons.


Next, create a Passport for your dragon. Have a look at a Passport at home if possible. What information is needed? For your Passports, you could tear paper/sugar paper/use card to make it look authentic. Use an interesting font, use pens to make the writing stand out etc. Create a front cover for it . Be as creative as you can! Use the text to gather ideas for names, e.g stone dragon, a cloud dragon, a snow dragon, a tree dragon, the lesser-backed blue dragon, the miniature rain dragon, etc.


Relate back to landscape of the world for ideas of address etc.


Bronze- headings you could use are- Name: Photo: Age: Address: Distinguishing marks: Food: Abilities:

 Silver/ Gold- can add any extra details they can think of, e.g usually seen… or famous for…



Here is the link for the story-


Read Theory  – This is for reading comprehension. Pupils haven't used this is class this year so far but may have in previous years.  Pupils will carry out a short assessment to begin which will then set the level type questions based on pieces of writing. The work will be automatically saved.


Take a look at google classroom for your topic activities.  Five have been set for you for the week and you can complete them in any order you'd like.  There are tips on there about how you can share your work with us and the class. Have fun.

Welsh for the week

Anifeiliaid anwes


Oes anifail anwes 'da ti?

Do you have a pet?

Oes / nag oes

Yes / no

Mae…'da fi

I have a …

Does dim…'da fi

I don't have a…

Practice saying these phrases to people in your house and write them in your exercise books with the answer.  You can also research the names of pets in Welsh ie cat – cath.


These will be set on a Monday – learn them throughout the week and then get somebody at home to test you on a Friday.

Stay safe and look after your families. Good luck and happy remote learning.

Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips

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