Thursday, 26 March 2020

Year 3 Distance Learning Day 5

Friday, March 27th 2020

Good morning all. So here are the last pieces of work for Week 1. From now on I will be setting work in these levels:

Bronze – all complete

Silver – additional challenge

Gold  – high challenge


Ask your parents to test you on your HF spellings for this week. If you get them all right 2HP!

Please up level these sentences. Pupils will need to write out the sentences including missing capitals, punctuation and put in the correct spelling or word.

Bronze level  - peter whent to the shops

                     I like two eat sweets

                     can you get the dishes ready

Silver level – "don't do that" exclaimed the lady

                      the lane was very long and darc

                      the ice cream was tasty so it fell on the floor

Gold level – I don't understand moaned the boy.

                   Can I have a drink asked the little girl

                   Put that down shouted the policeman

Big write:  In school this activity is about being creative so pupils work independently. You can monitor to keep an eye on progress. Pupils are very conscientious and want to spell everything correctly but don't let them to get hung up on that during Big Write sessions. Use your plan from yesterday to write a short mystery story using your own imagination based on the tropical island. Why did you go there? What did you find? Were you with someone? Was it a quest?

Success Criteria: It must include description, past tense, third person, paragraphs and a mystery.

Read Write Inc, pupils: can you describe what the island looks like? Think about the weather and what you can see.

Check back over your work to ensure it makes sense, has full stops and capitals in the right places and high frequency words we have used this week are spelled correctly.


Numeracy: Use your Big Maths logins to carry out your given challenges.

Search Big Maths. School pin: 0382


                             Password: Password1


Get an adult to test you on your x3 & x6 tables. If you get them all right 3HP!



ICT – Create a Line graph

Using Hwb go on to menu and then Just2easy. Click on to J2 data then access Chart app. Choose Line Graph option on the left hand side by clicking. Block graph will come up alongside automatically so untick that box.

Enter this information to create a line graph that shows the amount of people's favourite sweets:

Wine gums




Cola Bottles




Gummi Bears


Jelly Babies




Love hearts


Jelly Beans



Once you have completed this Save it using the floppy disc icon at the top left. Then go into the folder to and find it. Have a go at making your own next.




Daily Welsh:

Write a paragraph about yourself using the daily Welsh I have put up for you each day to practise.

Bronze Level – include your name, age, where you live, hair and eye colour, how you feel and where you go to school.

Silver Level – include your name, age, where you live, hair and eye colour, how you feel, where you go to school, what you like and what you don't like.

Gold Level - include your name, age, where you live, hair and eye colour, how you feel, where you go to school, what you like and what you don't like,  who is in your family and try and include where you went yesterday using past tense.

Es I – I went


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