Thursday, 26 March 2020

Year 4 Home Learning 26.3.20 Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips

Morning all! Can you believe it is Thursday already! 
I know some children/parents will perhaps have missed the original post on Monday so here is a brief recap if this is your first day with us... 

Read Theory  – This is for reading comprehension. Pupils haven't used this is class this year so far but may have in previous years.  Pupils will carry out a short assessment to begin which will then set the level type questions based on pieces of writing. The work will be automatically saved.

Welsh for the week

Anifeiliaid anwes


Oes anifail anwes 'da ti?

Do you have a pet?

Oes / nag oes

Yes / no

Mae…'da fi

I have a …

Does dim…'da fi

I don't have a…

Practice saying these phrases to people in your house and write them in your exercise books with the answer.  You can also research the names of pets in Welsh ie cat – cath.


These will be set on a Monday – learn them throughout the week and then get somebody at home to test you on a Friday.

So don't forget- head over to our Google Classroom anytime after 9.00 to see your daily tasks-

Literacy- Planning your ideas for a report about the White Dragon.

Numeracy- Find the number of angled within the variety of shapes. 

Topic- aim to try one of the tasks that you haven't done yet. There will be a new selection next week. Head back to Monday in the classroom to find them.

Finally- try and find some time for relaxing and exercise. Whether it is relaxing in the sun with a book or a comic, chatting to a friend on the phone, making up a crazy dance, singing your heart out to your favourite song... keep smiling! 

Mrs Maunder and Mrs Phillips