Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Year 1 Wednesday 25.03.20

Topic (Continuing from yesterday)

http://www.eyeonthesky.org/lessonplans/14sun_sundials.html. This will be day two of the online lesson plan where the children just check their prediction.


Bronze. Identify if your prediction was close to the right answer. Identify when the shadow was the longest and shortest.


Silver: Why do you think the shadow changes length? (You can experiment with a torch in a dark room to help, moving the torch as the sun would move.)


Gold: What are the pros and cons of using a sundial? (Pro: Really easy to make/use. Con: does not work at night or when cloudy)


English: I can write a letter


Today I am asking learners to write a formal letter. I will provide an example to the Minister of Health and Social Services, but if your child has a particular organisation or person in mind. (NHS, The Queen ETC) then that is fine. Alternatively you could email a organisation instead but please set it out as a formal letter.


Bronze: Send a letter using Mr Carbis's letter as a jumping off point. (Delete the red words and use the sentence starters to help). I have also provided a word bank that may be useful.


Silver: Send a letter using the template provided (Hwb classroom in files-english folder daily activities-Wednesday 24.03.20


Gold: Mr Carbis forgot about using suitable language. Can you spot any times Mr Carbis used informal language/friend speak and suggest improvements. The first time I provide an alternative. (Red words underlined)


Maths: I can work out halves and quarters of a number.


It would be remiss of me to have a fractions lesson that did not involve pizza.


Download this resource as a guide https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/pizza-maths-quarters-and-halves-6173235


Bronze: Create a quartered circle and half circle or print off the half circle and quarter circle. Emphasise that the sizes must be equal. Now they can create their own pizza "toppings". You could use equally sized toys like lego or make them out of card. Ask them show me questions. (Show me a pizza that has pepper on 3 quarters of it. Make me a pizza that has cheese on 1 quarter of it etc.)


Silver: As above. Then move on to find out questions. What is 1 quarter of 8. (They find out by sharing out 8 onto the pizza slices, emphasize it has to be fair)


Gold. Complete the worksheet.


As a tasty supplement to this lesson why not have a go at making your own pizza. The maths involved in cooking is phenomenal. (http://allrecipes.co.uk/recipe/26162/children-s-homemade-pizza.aspx