Sunday, 22 March 2020

Year Six Welsh W/Commencing: 23rd March 2020


Good Afternoon Year Six, I hope you are well. As some of you may have already seen I will set most of your Welsh tasks via Google Classroom. I set a placemat activity at the end of last week for you to access as a trial. This week I will set tasks linked to the text 'Y Ras Feiciau' that we started looking at last week, but to ensure we are all at the same point, some of your tasks may have been already completed if you were in school.

Each day there will be a short task, just as our daily Welsh would be in school and once a week on there will be a slightly longer task usually toward the end of the unit. I will outline below the main activities for the coming week which can be accessed via Google Classroom. Here you will also find supporting resources to help you. Remember to complete each task using the differentiated tasks-

All pupils should complete the *activities (Bronze)

Most pupils can complete the ** activities (Silver)

Some pupils will be able to complete the *** activities (Gold)

Monday 23rd March

Use the PPT of the book and complete the 'Thinking sheet : Bronze/ Silver/ Gold

 Use their thinking skills to work out as much as they can about the book using their reading skills (Reading Skills Card) and Alphabet Card. Pupils to feedback to class.                                          

Example of questions to think about: Beth wyt ti'n feddwl? Beth ydy'r teitl? … ydy'r teitl. Pwy ydy'r awdur? … ydy'r awdur Pa fath o lyfr? Llyfr ffeithiol / stori / chwedl? Pwy sy' yn y stori? (Pwy ydy'r cymeriadau? -***) Ble mae'r stori? Beth wyt ti'n gallu gweld yn y llyfr? (Beth ydy'r plot? – ***)

Tuesday 24th March

Choose a couple of pages from Ditectif Darllen. Identify and highlight in appropriate colour words you know, unsure of and don't know. 

Wednesday 25th March

Slapfwrdd game: use the attached link on Google Classroom to become more confident with the vocabulary from the text. 

Thursday 26th March

If possible, have a game of Ping Pong with someone in your home. It will help reinforce TPR words and actions. Have another listen to the PowerPoint version of the story. 

Friday 27th March  

Read the text independently, record if you are able to and complete the Self Evaluation Sheet. I'd really look forward to hearing how you get on. Pob Luc!


Well done to you all, Mrs Peacock

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