Sunday, 22 March 2020

Year 2 Monday 23rd March 2020

Year 2 and families,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well during such difficult and uncertain times. Remember your child's health, mental health, safety and wellbeing are most important throughout all of this so please do not panic if they are not fully committed to completing all work set. I will post 3 tasks a day, some of which maybe a mini project to carry over a few days and some which maybe shorter tasks. Your child will have come home with a workbook- don't worry if not, any paper or notebook is fine. The children can choose whether they complete work online and save to their folders on HWB or in their notebook or a variety of both. I will have access and be able to see any work uploaded via HWB. They will have come home with both their username and passwords for HWB and also my email, if for any reason you need to contact me. My email is incase you need it. I will also list their spellings each Friday, as normal for them to practice. Tasks set will have different challenge levels, the children are free to choose which level suits them best. 

To write a Spring poem.
As the weekend weather has been beautiful and a good forecast set for the week, we are beginning to see signs of Spring- finally! 🙂  Think about the weather, what sounds you can hear, what you can see, what you can smell. You can choose how you present your poem either online saving to your files on HWB or in your workbook. Don't forget you can decorate both. Remember to use adjectives for description. e.g blackbirds singing a sweet melody, fluffy lambs like balls of cotton wool, luminous yellow daffodils dazzling in the golden sunshine, 

Bronze- you may choose an acrostic poem e.g. SPRING
G or 

SPRING TIME (remember your sentence must start with the first letter in the word as you go down)
Silver- you may choose an acrostic with similes (like or as)
Gold- you may choose a simple rhyming poem including similes ( like or as- As bright as the sun/ as tall as a skyscraper/ clouds like fluffy cotton wool)

To tell the time
We have been looking at time in school, covering o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to and some of us even looking at minutes past and to. We have also looked at converting between analogue and digital. Remember to use time as often as possible, allowing the children to have a go at different times of day. It is only through lots of practice each day that they will get more confident. You can either print the sheets to stick in books or just complete the answers/ draw the clocks in their books. Whichever is easiest for you!  

Bronze and Silver- I have attached some different activities of telling the time and drawing hands on the clocks on J2E on HWB as a shared file. Your child should be able to access these via their files. Some are easier and some harder. (The answers are also included!) Incase you find it difficult accessing the shared file here are the activities-
Gold- to add even more challenge if confident try converting the times completed into digital. Please note we have not yet looked at 24 hour clocks- so please only use 12 hour digital. 

To create a factfile
Choose an endangered animal of your choice- probably one you know most about/ have interest for. You will need to access information about it. The purpose of a fact file is to find out information about something quickly and easily. It is true information and key facts. 
Subtitles- e.g Name/ Diet/ Habitat/ Threats/ Appearance/ Interesting facts/ Pictures with captions (description of what is happening in the photo)
You have already completed one for Big Write several weeks ago, however there was a lot of confusion about the use of subtitles and layout. Have another go- remember you can present it however you like- it is similar to a poster. Make it easy to read and eye catching. 

Bronze- Home/ Food/ Looks like/ Threats/ Pictures. You may choose to draw or download pictures for each of these with short simple labels or write key words. 
Silver- Habitat/ Diet/ Appearance/ Threats/ Pictures with captions. You may choose to draw or download relevant pictures necessary. Write sentences for each- try to use your own words. 
Gold- Habitat/ Diet/ Appearance/ Threats/ Interesting facts/ Pictures with captions. You may choose to draw or download relevant pictures necessary. Write a paragraph for each in your own words. 

Please email me if you have any queries regarding the work, I will reply as soon as possible. Stay safe, keep positive, we will get there! 

Mrs Hassall