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FW: Reception Home Learning 27.4.20

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Subject: Reception Home Learning 27.4.20

Reception Class 27.4.20

To the Parents and children of Reception Class.

Welcome to another week of online learning. Hope you are all safe and well.


Mrs Garbett's Group.

Recap previous sounds.

New sound- air (That's not fair).

fair, stair, hair and chair.

Sentence- This is his cash box. This is his pet hen.

Mrs Evans group.

Recap previous sounds.

New sound- igh (fly high).

high, night, light and fright.

Sentence- A cat with a hat.

Mrs Miles group.

Recap previous words- about 4.

New words- word time 5

web, wet, rat and jam.

Don't forget the- high frequency words. Perhaps learn 3 or 4 a week and just keep recapping.

I  go  come  went  a  was  look  there  are  we  and  me  like  going  she  they  my  see  on  away  this  play  no  yes  for  can he  am  all  you  said  to  day  there


Number bonds

Collect 10 object- toys, cars, pebbles etc. Work with your child to make 5 to begin with. So if you show 1 object, your child shows 4. Repeat in different ways. Then have 2 areas where your child shares a set of 10 objects. So for eg. 2+8=10 Repeat with various numbers. Use lower numbers than 10 if your child needs to.

All Children- Make ladybird cookies and divide the spots on each side of the ladybird to make 8. For eg. 4+4  3+5 etc

Most Children- Practically divide objects into 2 areas that equal 10.

Challenge- If you have 2 objects, what do you need to make 10? Check your answers.


Differences and similarities.

Discuss with your child that we are all similar but also very different. Talk about hair and eye colour. Look at your family, friends and extended family. What things are the same/different? What about height, shoe size, length of hair etc. Can you draw a picture of yourself and another member of the family? Then make a list of similarities and differences.


Create a magical potion.

Pour a little water into a cup or plastic yoghurt pot. Add some fallen petals, dandelions, leaves, grass etc. Add a pinch of fairy dust. Then use a crooked stick to mix a magic potion and cast a spell!


Downward Dog.

I am ready to play- Bend your knees and fold down.

I am a dog on all fours- Come on to your hands and knees.

I am ready to stretch- Curl your toes under and press hips up and back.

I push back and open- Stretch legs straight heels down, arms strong. Hold for 5 seconds, more if you can and repeat.

Can you name the parts of the body that you stretch in this pose?

What kind of dog are you? What is your bark like?


Before we finished school, we were learning to sing, "Somewhere over the Rainbow". If you can, keep learning this song with your family. This song is beautiful.


Beth wyt ti'n hoffi (What do you like?).

Answer- Rwy'n hoffi (I like…). Or

Dw i ddim yn hoffi (I don't like).

Use words-





You can also use the welsh phrases but use English words that you like or dislike. For eg. Rwy'n hoffi…..sprouts.

My email address is- if you need to contact me.

Thank you and keep yourselves safe.

Mrs Miles

 "When have you been at your strongest?" asked the boy.

"When I have dared to show my weakness" said the horse.

Charlie Mackesy


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