Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Y3 Distance learning Week 2 Day 4

Thursday, April 1st 2020

Good Morning. Almost the end of another week. I have posted this work on Google Classroom as well. Just a reminder how to carry out the work:

Bronze – all complete

Silver – additional challenge

Gold – high challenge

Literacy: HF words for this week. Please carry out the crossword activity. Here's an example:








want, wanted, water, where, which, white, who, why, wish and window

L.O: To use reading comprehension skills

Use the Read Theory application to carry out.



Warm up: Practise your x4 & x8 tables. Remember if you can do your x4 then just double these answers for x8. Also log in to Hwb and then click on J2E and use the

 TT Blast which is an interactive game to help with times tables speed. You can access this daily to improve on score and speed.


L.O: To use the column method for subtraction to solve more written problems

                             Bronze Level – with partitioning
1) If John had 58 toy cars and  gives Tom 19 toy cars, how many toy cars does John have now?

2) One farmer has 83 lambs and another has 56. How many more lambs does the first farmer have?

 3) A supermarket had 143 toilet rolls. People bought 27. How many left?

 4) What is the difference between 49 and 117?

5) A man bought a pack of 152 envelopes. After  giving away 25, how many did he have left?


Silver Level – Without Partitioning

1. There are 183 children in a swimming club. Only 97 children turn up to training. How many children were away that day?

2. There were 365 stickers in an album.  137 are taken out.  How many stickers were left?


3.  Bob collected 371 tokens.  He swapped 138 of them for a giant teddy bear.  How many tokens did he have left?



4.  Bill's story was 1361 words long. Ben's story was 235 words long.  How many more words did Bill write than Ben?



5.  There are 2315 pages in my book.  I have read 727.   How many more pages do I need to read?

Gold Level – Without partitioning

Gold Level


1.  There were 1165 cups delivered to a shop.  237 were broken when they arrived.  How many cups were unbroken?



2.  Harry had £2257 in his bank account.  His mum let him spend £1329 on a special mountain bike.  How much was left in his account?




3.  Sue collected 4212 tokens.  She swapped 1675 of them for a day at a theme park.  How many tokens did she have left?




4.  Bill's story was 1561  words long.  Ben's story was 1395 words long.  How many more words did Bill write than Ben?



5.  There are 2615 pages in my book.  I have read 1293.   How many more pages do I need to read?



Science: Continue with your PowerPoint about plants

Remember -

Bronze Level - This can include: the parts, what is needed to keep them alive

Silver Level - This can include: the parts, what is needed to keep them alive, types of plants and how some have adapted to their habitats.

Gold Level – Use transitions and animations to improve your PowerPoints.


Daily Welsh: To learn the days of the week

Use: Look, Cover, Say, Write, Check activity

Look at a word

Cover it

Say it

Write it out

Check you have got it write

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