Monday, 27 April 2020

Year 3 April 28th

Tuesday, April 28th 2020

Good Morning.

A reminder:  I will be putting more work on to Google Classroom from now on. To access you can still log in to Hwb then use the 'Google for education' link. Make sure you are logged in with your Hwb account. If not you can change it by clicking on the letter in the top left corner that is in a circle. Then add account. You will then see Year 3 in the right hand corner.

Here are the activity levels for your work as a reminder:

Bronze – all complete

Silver – additional challenge

   Gold Level - high challenge

Literacy: your spellings can be found on Google Classroom under High Frequency Words. The instructions are there also.


L.O: To answer questions based on a text

Please use your Read Theory logins to access the comprehension exercise


Warm up: Work out the factor families for these numbers. For example:

23 + 17 = 40          

Just use the numbers again to make up 3 other related sums:

17 + 23 = 40

40 – 23 = 17

40 – 17 =23

Try:  48 + 26 = 74

Try: 44 ÷ 11 = 4

Use the TT Blast app on Hwb to refine your times tables skills

L.O: Revision of converting units of measuring length

1cm = 10mm

To change cm to mm multiply by 10. So 12cm = 120mm

Try: 17cm =   ___mm

To change mm to cm divide by 10. So 30mm = 3cm

Try: 80mm = ___cm


1 metre = 100cm

To convert cm to m multiply by 100. So 3m = 300cm

To convert m to cm divide by 100. So 600cm = 6m

See Google Classroom for the work.

Daily Welsh: see Google Classroom

Science: See Google Classroom

L.O: To learn about types of seed dispersal

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