Monday, 27 April 2020

Tuesday 28th April year 1

English-Looking at question marks.

Following on from yesterday we will look more closely at question marks. We will be using the first activity in the bitesize lesson to help us.

  • Bronze: Questions often start with one of the 5 W question words. Can you create a list of the question words that you hear in the video and can you think of any more?
  • Silver: Complete the first activity on the bitesize task
  • Gold: in our topic we will be designing and creating our own school. Before you start you need to ask and answer. What is the purpose of a school?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Topic Design your own building.

Using the knowledge you have learnt so far I would like you to design your own school. Think about what materials you are going to use and why. Then create a model of your building (They can choose their own type of structure instead, like a bridge, but it has to have a clear purpose.)

  • Bronze. Design your school thinking what features it is going to have. Lots of rooms for classroom, its own zoo enclosure to study animals, a planetarium, prison for naughty teacher ETC.
  • Silver. Label what materials you are going to use and why. Stone, metal, glass ETC
  • Gold. Base the design on one of the architectural periods you learned about. You could make a roman school or a postmodern school.

Maths counting in twos

Continuing on from yesterdays lesson we will look at some counting in 2 sums. Again we will use BBC bitesize to help us.

  • Bronze: Watch the two videos and practice the number sums they provide. They suggest having socks or other physical objects to help in counting
  • Silver complete some of the practice questions they provide
  • Gold. Use counting on or counting back to help you answer your questions. For example if you already know that 5 lots of 2 is ten to work out 7 lots of ten you start at 10 and go from there.

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