Thursday, 2 April 2020

Year 2 Friday 3 April 2020

Today is the last day of home learning until after Easter! Well done for getting through the first 2 weeks, I hope it hasn't been too stressful for you all! There will be no home learning set for the 2 weeks holiday but if you do want to do any work then please feel free to carry out any tasks you have not done over the 2 weeks, any you haven't finished or any you wish to repeat. You may even wish to use the same activity but change the context. Please continue with some reading, spelling and timestable practice- hit the button or ttblast on j2blast is a fun way to practice them. Keep safe and enjoy the break- recharge your batteries ready for more home learning starting Monday 20th April. 

Below are your new spellings to practice throughout the week. Your child knows which colour they are. Remember to get tested before your new words again next Friday. When you practise your spellings, use what you know from school-

Look, say, cover, write, check
Spellamadoodle- draw a squiggly line and write each of your spellings along the line
Pyramids- build a pyramid starting with the first letter, adding a letter each time e.g. then
Sentences- write sentences including your spelling word

Remember if you aren't sure what the word means- use a dictionary to help you 
I have also added onto the Y2 shared folder on HWB, the list of High Frequency words that the children should be familiar with, or increasingly familiar with for reading and spelling. This is something you should also look at throughout this time and even add in to the spelling lists if you wish. 

Friday's Maths consist of our online Learn its and Clic tests, however I will be adding paper versions onto the Y2 shared folder on HWB instead
Clic tests- the children should have no more than 10-15 minutes maximum to complete these. They can do workings out if need be on the sheet or on a separate sheet. Just a reminder- question 1 is for them to partition the number- so what is the value of each? e.g 36- 3=30 6=6. A lot of the children assume it is halving the number because of the way it is laid out! 
Learn its- these are timed at 30 seconds. The children are used to this so please ensure it is only 30 seconds! The learn its are to develop their quick recall and the sums given are the number facts that the children should be confident with to answer rapidly. 
SAFE- the children haven't yet completed these but they involve other maths covered in school aside from basic number. The children have covered these areas so should be able to answer some. Again I would say no more than 10-15 minutes. 

Bronze- Clic 1/ Learn its 1 / SAFE 1
Silver- Clic 2/ Learn its 2/ SAFE 2 
Gold- Clic 3/ Learn its 3/ SAFE 3 

You are of course welcome to complete all of these challenges if you wish! 

If you wish to complete the uploaded files electronically, you can do so by highlighting the whole of the PDF document and copying and pasting it onto a word document. You are then able to work on the document if you wish.

To create a poem/ write a letter
You have the choice of activity for Big Write today. I don't mind if you choose a poem or write a letter but I want it to be linked to the current pandemic/ NHS workers. If you are writing a letter, you may like to thank the NHS workers for all of their hard work, dedication and commitment to looking after people and making sure they get better. You may also like to express your feelings about the current situation and how proud and thankful you are to them. You could even pass the letter on to any NHS workers you may know, alternatively you can send them to me and I can look at tweeting them while tagging the NHS or other health boards so hopefully they will get to see them. Chat about what it going on and what different people are doing to help. You may choose to write a poem to say thank you to the NHS and share your thoughts and feelings about there current situation. You may also include how society has changed and how bare the streets are. Likewise, your poems can be passed onto NHS workers or healthcare boards. 

Bronze- write a poem or write a letter saying thank you for all their hard work
Silver- write a poem or write a letter saying thank you for all their hard work including your thoughts and feelings
Gold- write a poem or write a letter saying thank you for all their hard work including thoughts and feelings and also the impact and effect on society- how does it feel? peaceful? calm? 

To create a circuit/ workout
Hopefully you will have seen or carried out some of the Joe Wickes PE sessions that are available on Youtube each day. If not, don't worry, think about our Born to move sessions and also our keep fit sessions that we have done in PE. I want you to create a fitness routine/ circuit for you and your family to complete. Write the circuit down on paper so that we can share each other's workouts to complete over the weeks. You may wish to include- high knee jogging, star jumps, sporty dogs, burpees, squats, lunges, heel flicks (kicking your bum), jogging, short sprints, jumping squats, plank, press ups, sit ups, sumo squats, mountain climbers etc. Have a look at the YouTube videos of Joe Wickes if you are unsure or would like some ideas. Think about how many reps (times) or seconds you want each exercise to be done for. e.g.
10 reps burpees
10 reps sumo squats
10 press ups


10 reps star jumps
10 lunges
10 mountain climbers
finish with 30 second plank 

Bronze-complete a circuit of 5 different exercises. 
Silver- complete a circuit of 8 different exercises with timings 
Gold- complete a circuit of up to 10 different exercises with timings, a warm up and cool down. 

Please do be careful with form/posture when completing this- we don't want any injuries! 

Please remember to send over any suggestions/ thoughts for your new topic after Easter including any activities you would like to do within the topic! 

Remember you have your small act of kindness cards to complete- please send me any photos or let me know how you get on! 🙂 

Have a well earned Easter break and enjoy,
Mrs. Hassall