Thursday, 23 April 2020

Year 2 Friday 24th April 2020

Today's lesson is again taken from BBC Bitesize lesson which can be accessed here
It is a bit different to a normal Big Write activity but it seems to be an interesting activity which will develop key skills. 

Watch the video of the story extract being read, then read the extract underneath. Then answer the questions.

  1. Look at the beginning of the extract. What does Daisy thinks being grounded means?

  2. Where were Daisy's trainers?

  3. According to the text, who is Gabby?

  4. What did they dig last Saturday?

  5. What is the cat called?

  6. Did the cat do what Daisy wanted it to?

  7. Which animal does Gabby think they should have magicked the cat into?

  8. What two things are Gabby and Daisy going to try next?

    If you feel confident, complete the Silver and Gold activities below as on the website. 

    Can you summarise what happened it the extract above by creating some phrases?

    A phrase is a group of words that go together. For example, 'secret sister Gabby'.

    Read through the extract again (in activity 1) and see how many you can come up with.

    Here are some to get you started:

    • not allowed to jump
    • secret sister Gabby

    Predict what might happen. Read the extract at the bottom of the page and make a prediction about-

    Where do you think Daisy is actually going?

    Use the start of the sentences below and see if you can come up with some ideas of where she might be going. Remember, she is grounded.

    • She might be _ _ _ _ _ _

    • She could be _ _ _ _ _ _

    • Maybe she is _ _ _ _ _ _

    • What if she is _ _ _ _ _ _

    Friday's Maths consist of our online Learn its and Clic tests, however I will be adding paper versions onto the Y2 shared folder on HWB instead
    Clic tests- the children should have no more than 10-15 minutes maximum to complete these. They can do workings out if need be on the sheet or on a separate sheet. Just a reminder- question 1 is for them to partition the number- so what is the value of each? e.g 36- 3=30 6=6. A lot of the children assume it is halving the number because of the way it is laid out! 
    Learn its- these are timed at 30 seconds. The children are used to this so please ensure it is only 30 seconds! The learn its are to develop their quick recall and the sums given are the number facts that the children should be confident with to answer rapidly. 
    SAFE- the children haven't yet completed these but they involve other maths covered in school aside from basic number. The children have covered these areas so should be able to answer some. Again I would say no more than 10-15 minutes. 

    Bronze- Clic 1/ Learn its 1 / SAFE 1
    Silver- Clic 2/ Learn its 2/ SAFE 2 
    Gold- Clic 3/ Learn its 3/ SAFE 3 

    You are of course welcome to complete all of these challenges if you wish! 

    I have uploaded both PDF and Word document versions for you to choose which you access. 

    Below are your new spellings to practice throughout the week. Your child knows which colour they are. Remember to get tested before your new words again next Friday. When you practise your spellings, use what you know from school-

    Look, say, cover, write, check
    Spellamadoodle- draw a squiggly line and write each of your spellings along the line
    Pyramids- build a pyramid starting with the first letter, adding a letter each time e.g. then
    Sentences- write sentences including your spelling word

    Remember if you aren't sure what the word means- use a dictionary to help you 
    I have also added onto the Y2 shared folder on HWB, the list of High Frequency words that the children should be familiar with, or increasingly familiar with for reading and spelling. This is something you should also look at throughout this time and even add in to the spelling lists if you wish.

  1. Topic

    To create a piece of nature art

    I would like you to create a picture of your choice using as many natural materials as you can find. Explore your garden or when you go for a walk look for interesting objects. What picture can you make with what you have found? How many different pictures can you make? Don't forget to take photos of your masterpieces and upload them so I can see! We did something similar in Forest School using the autumn nature, where you made some fantastic pictures so I look forward to seeing your pictures using spring nature! 

    Daily PE sessions with Joe Wickes 9 am each morning is a good resource to use as well as the Myleene Klass music sessions on YouTube. You may like to sit somewhere quiet in the garden and read a book or even just take some time to think about your day or what you can hear and see. 

    Keep reading and learning your times tables each day- Topmarks has some good activities/ games for both literacy and maths. 

    Have a lovely weekend

    Mrs. Hassall