Sunday, 26 April 2020

Year 2 Monday 27th April 2020

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed your rest after the first week back! I can't believe it is the second week of the Summer term already! Thank you to those of you who sent in suggestions for your topic- lots of super ideas! Thank you and well done to George who won the name suggestion for our new topic- 
'Falling into nature's hands.' 

You may like to create a topic web/ title page like we usually do in school with the name of the topic and all of your ideas around it including pictures. 

Thank you for your feedback regarding The BBC Bitesize lessons- they are proving popular so I will continue to use/ dip into/ add or amend these.

To ask and answer questions 
From the BBC Bitesize page you are going to combine your literacy and history skills by looking at Neil Armstrong. I am sure most of you know who he is and what he is famous for. Before accessing the BBC link, I want to you write down or talk about everything  you know about Neil Armstrong first. You may know lots or you may know nothing- it is absolutely fine. Access the page here
Watch the animation al about his achievements- it is also written below. You may get somebody to test how much you remember or perhaps you could test yourself by writing down everything you heard/ can remember and then checking it. History and the past often involves a lot of questions such as why? how? what? who? when? Make a list of questions you would like to ask about Neil Armstrong. It could be questions like, how did you feel when you landed on the moon? Was it as exciting as you thought? What made you decide to go there? etc. 

Watch the time travel animation and see if any of your questions are answered. 

Bronze- 1 star activity 
Silver- 2 star activity 
Gold- 3 star activity 

To revise different areas of maths
I want you to have a mini timetable test. There are 2 tests on the Year 2 shared folder on HWB. There is one which has a variety of questions and you have to answer as many as you can in 1 minute. There is then an ultimate challenge with more questions. See how many you can answer in 2 minutes maximum- or even 1 minute if you're confident! I would love to know how you get on! You will need a stopwatch or somebody to time you! 

Access the Karate cats game below. This game has various maths topics to look at such as addition and subtraction/ measurement/ fractions etc. I want you to have a go on each topic area to practice some of the maths covered. There are bronze, silver and gold levels within each so you may decide to go on the easier levels first until you are confident and work your way up. 
To research different trees 
We are surrounded by beautiful nature including plants, flower, trees, insects, flowers, bugs etc, all of which play an important role in the environment. You first task is to research and find out as much as you can about as many different trees as possible. Once you have done this, see if you have any of them in your garden. Tomorrow there will be activity/ quiz linked to trees so the work you do today should hopefully help you. 
You can present this however you like! Don't forget to also think about and find out why trees are important. You may also like to find out about the most popular trees or the rarest trees etc. Are there any trees that are only found in certain countries? You may use paper/ the computer/ powerpoint/ photos/ art/ apps/HWB- which ever way you prefer to present this.  Below are some websites to get you started. 

 Encyclopaedia Brittanica on HWB is also another good and safe resource. 

To talk about what I have done
If we are talking about something we have done or something that has already happened then it is in the past- it has gone. It is the past tense. We have used some of this in class already. I want you to write a short paragraph about somewhere you have been/ something you have done. It can be made up! Also please don't worry too much about the key word being in English- the main focus here is the past tense sentence constructions. You may like to draw a picture to go with it. The second i means to and if you want to say to the then it becomes i'r  e.g.
Es i i Caerdydd- I went to Cardiff 
Es i i'r traeth- I went to the beach 

Es i i/ i'r- I went to/ to the...
Gwelais i - I saw...
Bwytais I- I ate ...
Roedd yn- it was...  (this could include the weather or if it was fun) 
gyda... with 
achos- because 

Bronze- to say where you went and who with
Silver- to say where you went, who with and what you saw including ' it was' 
Gold- to say where you went, who with, what you ate, what you saw, 'it was' and 'because' 

Mrs. Hassall