Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Year 2 Thursday 2 April

It is great to see how hard you are all working and it is always lovely to see your work being uploaded or emailed across, please keep them coming! 

As we are due to start a new topic after Easter ( no longer Endangered animals) I would love for you all to send over any ideas or suggestions for a new topic you would like to learn about. Send over your topic ideas with some suggestions of activities you would like to do and I will go with the majority or create a poll/ vote on HWB for you all. If you wish to carry on with Endangered animals then of course we can but the choice is yours! 

Remember you can copy and paste the whole pdf onto a word document if easier and you are free to choose your challenges, completing more than one if you wish. 

To answer questions about a text
On the Year 2 shared folder on HWB are reading comprehension activities. There is a text all about Spring and a text all about Rainforests. You can choose which text to do or you may choose to do them both. I would recommend reading the text 3 times in total. You may read it first of all to your child, then get them to read it themselves a second time, then re-read it together a 3rd time when looking at the questions. I wouldn't look at the questions until it has been read twice and discussed. Try to encourage your child to read the questions independently and maybe asking and talking about the key information in the question. Encourage them to underline the key words they are looking for in the question and then refer to the text for the correct information, underlining that also. This is useful if they find it trickier to remember some of the information they have read. 

Bronze- set 1
Silver- set 2
Gold- set 3

To solve word problems
Yesterday you used the expanded method to add and subtract numbers. Using the same method you are going to now solve word problems. They are only addition but don't tell your child that. Let them determine if it is add or take away from reading the question. Read the questions carefully discussing the key words which allow them to know it is an addition sum. You may decide to just do a handful of them. If they are confident try giving them some of your own subtraction ones but don't tell them they are going to be subtraction. I will set a mixture of these word problems after Easter. The activities are saved as wp1 wp2 wp3 on the Year 2 shared folder on HWB.

Bronze- set 1
Silver- set 2
Gold- set 3 

To create acts of kindness cards
This activity focuses on small acts of kindness that can help make a difference to people. Ask your child what kindness is. What do they think a small act of kindness is? e.g. being kind to others or sharing. Ask them to think of a time when they have carried out a small act of kindness or someone has done so to them. How did they feel? Why do you think small acts of kindness make people happy? e.g. tidying up without being asked, saying thank you, giving someone a hug, helping someone with something etc. You can also bring in the 'reverse advent calendars' that we carried out in school as well or even the 'suspended coffee' scheme some cafes do for those in need. I want the children to create small acts of kindness cards that can be used each day. They may choose to do 14- one each day of the Easter holidays, or as many as they want to and can think of. The idea is they write these acts on a piece of paper or card and put them in a jar or box, to pick one out each day. They could make the cards  as creative or colourful as they want or just write sentences or key words. It is important they understand that these acts of kindness should not cost money. You may choose to record how many acts of kindness are carried out in a tally or as a bar graph or as a sticker chart. Some ideas may include-
smile at 5 people today
ask someone to join a game
help to tidy the house
write a letter to a friend or family member
give someone a compliment 
make a special effort to say thank you 
draw a picture for someone
say thank you in a different language 6 times in a day
help a friend or family member with something they find tricky 
These are just a few, discuss with your child some of their own ideas. Remember it is one a day for however long you wish. I would love to hear about and see some of these.

Random Acts of Kindness Printables - Five Marigolds60 Random Acts of Kindness for Kids | Feels Like Home™

Daily Welsh
Teach your family members some of the basic Welsh e.g. the colours/ numbers/ weather and help them with how to say it! You may choose to create your own little school for this where you are the teacher and your family are the pupils. I would love to see some videos of this if you do it! 

Mrs. Hassall