Monday, 20 April 2020

Year 1 Tuesday 21.04.20 plus celebrating work

I have created a folder in hwb classroom called Children's work to celebrate. This is completely optional but having seen some wonderful examples of work from the children I thought it would be nice to have one place to upload, if you wanted to, so that we as a class can see each others work and celebrate the success. It might also serve as inspiration to others in the classroom.


Please remember that anyone in the classroom, which is everyone from year 1, could see your child's work so only do this if you and your child are happy for others to see. If you would rather send them privately to myself or Mrs Peacock then that is fine and if you would rather keep them to yourself then that is fine.


English. Learning about Adjectives.  

Today we will start looking at adjectives. Use this term with the children but explain that adjectives are describing words.



Bronze. Play a guessing game. Describe a common object without naming it. (Cat-small, four legs, furry, purrs etc) The less words used the more points the describer gets.

Silver. Move on to objects or creations seen in the story such as the sphinx.

Gold. They get extra points if they can up level or provide a synonym for a describing word you used.  (you said scary and they used terrifying, horrifying ETC.)


If you would like to explore some reading comprehension activities around Iggy peck please use this website for ideas. There is a word matching game, wordsearch and other games/activities. This is a great website for exploring reading activities, though the pop up advert can be off putting.



What are materials? Children can become confused between the difference between an object and a material. This song helps explain the difference


Iggy peck uses lots of different materials and materials have different properties. Architects need to think carefully about what materials to use depending on their properties.

I would like the learners to test a variety of different materials around these four properties. Feel free to do this practically put there is a online game you could use as well






Bronze: See below

















Silver: Can they think of other material properties they could test. (Can they float, magnetic, elastic)

Gold: Create a diagram/picture of a structure of their choice ( castle, boat, bridge, school) and label the different materials used and why. EG. I designed a house with marshmellow floor because marshmellows are soft and springy. I used Diamonds for the windows because they are very strong and let in some light ETC.


Maths Partitioning 2 digit numbers.

Continuing from yesterday there is an online game that challenges the children to identify which number the portioned blocks represent.

Bronze up to 29

Silver up to 99

Gold- up to 100.


Alternatively you could take it in turns creating a partitioned number using physical objects such as sticks and stones and your opponent has to guess what 2 digit number you have made.