Monday, 20 April 2020

Reception Home Learning Tuesday 21st April

> Good Morning All. Hope you are all well and ready for today's learning. Previously I have included quite a lot of detail how to teach the sounds in each particular group. So I'm just going to say which sound to teach and what to recap rather than give lots of detail. You can always refer back if you can't remember.
> Literacy
> Mrs Garbett's group.
> Always recap previous sounds. For eg. ay, ee, igh, ow  oo and oo ( look at a book).
> ar (start the car)
> Make some f/c with words- car, far, park and start.
> Identify ar sound (special friends) in the words above before reading the word. Try to read the word without sounding out loud. (Fred in your head). Read the words several times. Then give your child a spelling test with 4 new words and 1 recap word. The recap word depends on which your child is finding a challenge.
> Sentence to write- Black Hat Bob is on his ship.
> Mrs Evans group
> Recap previous sounds. ch, sh th, qu, ng and nk.
> ay (May I play).
> Make some f/ cards with words- say, tray, lay and may.
> This group have now learnt all initial sounds and have learnt some words with 2 letters 1 sound. For eg. Shop, that, quit etc. Keep practising these words as they are quite tricky. Now to start Speed set 2 sounds which are ay, ee, igh, ow, oo (poo at the zoo) and oo (look at a book). The ay sound starts online on Wednesday 22nd. So that might help you. Identify ay sound (special friends) and then read the word. Repeat this several times. Then give your child a spelling test with 4 new words and 1 recap word. For eg. Shop, think etc.
> Sentence to write- A cat in a hat.
> Mrs Miles group.
> Start word time 5 but always keep recapping previous word time words. Also keep up with initial sounds. RWI online is doing initial sounds, so it wouldn't hurt to do this. They have put a timetable online. (Ruth Miskin live lessons).
> Today words- red, jog, vet and yum. Keep repeating these words with your child and then give them a spelling test and mark together.
> Numeracy
> Continue from yesterday as they cannot do this in 1 session.
> Also keep up the counting as far as they can go and forming numbers correctly to 20.
> The topic activity will also include some counting.
> Just a little activity I saw which might be helpful- get a cup cake baking tray and place some f/c with numbers on. For eg. 1p, 2p, 3 p etc. Then encourage your child to find correct amounts using 1p coins and then progress to using a combination of 1p and 2p coins. If you are really clever, use 5p and 1p coins.
> Topic
> Divide a piece of paper in 2 and draw 4 vegetables in 1 half and 4 pieces of fruit in the other. Can you have a go at writing what you have drawn, even if it's just the initial sound. How many different colours have you drawn? How many have the same colour? Can you think of a fruit or vegetable that begins with the same letter as your name? If you add the fruit and vegetables together, how many? How many is  2 more?
> Can you find out why fruit and vegetables are so good for you?
> Creative
> Hopefully you have been able to collect some sticks. If you have some clay or play dough, can you make an animal with sticks and play dough. If you don't have any play dough, make an animal or creature with sticks and natural materials.
> Yoga
> Cobra
> I am long and strong- Lie on you belly, head on hands.
> I raise my head- Place your hands under your shoulders.
> I rise up and arch- Lengthen legs back, press into hands and arch up.
> I am a cobra. Hisssssss- Lift and open chest until arms are almost straight.
> As you arch up, imagine you could pull yourself through your hands.
> As snakes grow, they shed their skin. What have you outgrown?
> Hopefully enjoy another day of sunshine. Remember, just do what you can and have fun.
> "Being kind to yourself is one of the greatest kindnesses"
> Charlie Mackesy