Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Year 3 April 30th 2020

Thursday 30th April

Great response to the maths work yesterday. Well done everyone! Also thank you for all the fantastic work you are carrying out at home. Don't forget that your well being is just as important.


Please use spiral activity for:

accident , accidentally, actual, actually, address, answer, appear, arrive


Literacy: Write out your discussion text on whether we should keep pets. Use the SC on Google Classroom.

The levels are also available to see on there.



Warm up:

Count up in 25s

25, 50, ___, ___, ___

10, 35, ___, ___, ___

100, 125,___, ___, ___


L.O: To recognise and plot co-ordinates


See Google Classroom for Different level work. The activities are in a file you can access.


Bronze –1 star

Silver – 2 stars

Gold – 3 stars

P.E – carry out Joe Wicks activities

There is a YouTube post for Tuesday 28th but has possibly been updated since I posted this.-


Daily Welsh

Today use the web link below to practise your numbers. There are lots of different games.

One on here click on start and choose numbers. Practise 1 – 10 then 11 – 20.

Click 1 – 10 then straight to games as it gives you instructions how to play each one.

Repeat for 11 – 20.

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