Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Year 2 Thursday 23 April 2020


Using BBC Bitesize daily lessons, look at the video all about when to use commas for listing things in a sentence. 
Look at the ' command sentences' section too. What is a command? We use commands or bossy verbs in instructions when we are telling someone to do something. Use activity 1 as a warm up to practise writing lists from the video. There is an example also. Again you have the choice of activity today. 

To write instructions. 
This goes back to the bossy verbs and commands. Remember the features including time connectives such as first, next, then, after that, finally. Pictures, numbered steps or bullet points, a title, a short introduction. You may choose to write a set of instructions on how to look after a plant like on The BBC page or you could write your own set of instructions- this could be on anything- maybe you have baked a cake, or made a figure out of lego, even how to make toast or wash your hands.

Bronze- numbered steps or bullets, use of ' first, next, then and finally', bossy verbs and a title. 
Silver- numbered steps or bullets, use of time connectives, bossy verbs, pictures and title
Gold- numbered steps or bullets, use of time connectives, bossy verbs, pictures, title and a little introduction to what the instructions are about. 

To design characters 
Look at the video on the BBC bitesize page all about names and how they give us an identity. As stated, draw 5 fruits or vegetables and turn them into people with faces and clothes. Give them a name and write what they like to do. Remember to use commas to separate your words when listing their interests. 

Spend some time on Topmarks or J2Blast on HWB practising your timetables in particular 2/5/10 and if confident then 3 and 4. You should be able to answer these in and out of order quickly. 
On the Year 2 shared folder on HWB are the maths activities for today.  They involve adding 2d numbers in both sum and word sentence form. We have practiced using strategies of what we know to access these e.g 20+10= well what is 2 +1= 3 so 20+10 must be 30 etc. Remind the children to drop the 0 at first if need be but it must be added back on in the answer. 

Bronze- complete activity 1
Silver- complete activity 1 and in particular  2
Gold- complete activity 1,2 and in particular 3 


Today's lessons is again linked to David Attenborough on 'Life.' On the link there are powerpoints/ videos to watch and look at. This will be the basis of the lesson with some activities to follow. The children are to watch the videos provided on the main page and also on the 'lesson slideshow.' There are 2 activities to complete but I would advise doing one today and one tomorrow as it is quite a lot for one session. It is probably a good idea to work as a pair for this so either with a sibling or parent if possible.  Click on the lesson slideshow and  activity sheet to access the resources.  

Activity 1- a timeline. Information is provided all about David Attenborough and his achievements etc. There are timeline cards- children are to cut out and put these in order. They can also write out the timeline or number them if easier. This will not only give them more information about David Attenborough an this achievements but also a good skill of using and creating a timeline. 

Activity 2- true or false. There are some flash cards with facts on linked to the powerpoint and videos they have watched. The children are to decide if they are true or false. Again, this can be done in a way that is easiest for you. 

Daily Welsh
Try using ga i... wherever possible when you are asking for something as well as using your diolch and os gwelwch yn dda. Try to also use diod- drink, llaeth- milk, dwr- water when asking for a drink or even any foods or fruits you know e.g. afal- apple, oren- orange etc. If you are doing any counting or using colours try to use the Welsh words where possible too. It is important to keep these basics on the boil and fresh so they are embedded. 

Don't forget 9 am daily PE sessions withs Joe Wickes available via YouTube. Also as previously mentioned Myleene Klass is doing music sessions as well- also on YouTube. 

Please keep sending in your ideas for our new topic all about woodland animals and nature. I have had some super ideas so far but it would be really lovely if you could all have a think and share your thoughts too! 

Mrs. Hassall